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What is wet on wet technique and how do you use it

Wet on wet technique quick tips for beginners

You can use this technique on any watercolor chart paper, if you are a beginner please make sure you are using 300gsm watercolor paper.

Wet on wet technique

Step 1: You can paint on wet paper or apply diluted paint directly. I suggest you start with a light colour tone.

Wet on wet technique

Step 2: Paint mid-color tone where it is required.

Wet on wet technique

Step 3: Paint dark color tone and all these three steps must be done very quickly.

Wet on wet technique

Step 4: Paint a sketch with your desired color and focus on composing the scene.

Wet on wet technique

Step 5: Paint light and dark tones where it is necessary.

There is no rule that the painting should be like this created.

Please check out the video tutorial for easy understanding.

What Is Wet On Wet Technique In Watercolor | Wet in Wet Technique For Beginners | PRB ARTS

Painting is all about fun and enjoying the time.

Hope you like this Wet on Wet tutorial, let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below, thank you.

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