easy way to draw a snail specially designed for kids

Snail Drawing Easy Step by Step

In this quick snail drawing tutorial, I will show you how to draw a snail in 5 easy steps for kids

I’m going to draw a cartoon style snail because kids will have the fun while drawing the eyes and smiling expressions and so on

In this tutorial there are no rules, so you can add anything you like

We are going to draw a snail in the side view direction, but the head is turned and a smiley face expression looking towards us. If you want to draw the shell design differently please go ahead and do it. Art is all about creativity and experimentation and not copying from one to another.

Materials you need: A4 paper, pencil and an eraser

Time needed: 5 minutes

5 Easy Steps to Draw a Snail

Let’s start the drawing. Are you with me?

Step 1: Draw the snail’s eyes & mouth

Draw two black spots as shown in the image below and draw a curve line for the smiling expression

snail eyes and smiling mouth drawing

Step 2: Draw the snail head

Draw a curved line, it is like an inverted question mark

snail head outline drawing


Step 3: Draw the snail body

Draw a curved line and a flat line in the bottom area like this

snail body outline drawing

Step 4: Draw the snail shell

It seems to be complicated but it is not, it is just an oval shape and curved lines

snail shell drawing for kids


Step 5: Draw the snail tentacles

Draw the curved line on the top of the head and two black spots at the end of the tentacles

snail tentacles drawing for kids

Wow, it is easy to draw, how about you? did you follow the steps, let me see your artwork in the forums

easy way to draw a snail specially designed for kids


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