rose watercolor painting step by step tutorial

Rose Watercolor Painting

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Red Rose Watercolor Painting

This Rose Painting step by step guide tutorial is designed for beginners, so anyone can try this and enjoy the painting process.

Chat Paper: 300gsm Watercolor Paper.

Colors: Permanent Pink, Alizarine crimson, Hooker’s Green, Olive Green and Ivory Black.


Please follow the step by step guide – Rose Watercolor Painting.

Rose Watercolor Painting

Step 1: Draw the rose outline sketch with a pencil first.

rose painting tips

Step 2: Start with a light coat of permanent pink and make sure to leave an edge gap to each petal while painting.

rose painting wet on wet, easy rose painting, rose watercolor

Step 3: Paint thick color like this in the depth area and the opposite side must be in a lighter shade.


rose painting gradient mix, wet mix, easy rose painting, rose tutorial

Step 4: Use your wet brush to mix the dark shade to a lighter shade, try to paint the petal strokes like shown in the above image it will create the texture.

rose petal painting, rose stem painting

Step 5: Paint olive green a light coat for the leaf petal and also for the stem.

rose stem painting, rose painting step by step, easy rose

Step 6: Paint the hooker’s green as the second layer once the olive green color is dry. Try to mix with the olive green, it will create depth like that.

rose stem depth, rose easy painting tips,

Step 7: Mix a small amount of ivory black to the hooker’s green and paint the depth to leaf petal as shown in the above image.

rose flower, flower painting, depth painting, final touch to the painting, finishing rose painting

Step 8: Mix a small amount of black color to the alizarine crimson and paint the depth to the flower petals.

Check this video Rose Flower Painting Video Tutorial for easy understanding.

Rose Flower Watercolor Painting Tutorial for Beginners

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