Watercolor painting of rice paddy field, landscape stock photo


Watercolor painting of rice paddy field, landscape stock photo


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About this watercolor painting of rice paddy field stock photo

This watercolor painting of rice paddy field was created on the spot. The landscape scenery is amazing. Heavy wind is blowing from those big mountains. As you see in this painting, the rice paddy grass is moving. All surrounding area is filled with mud and dirty water. So I search for the better view and I started this painting while standing on the mud soil, were my legs passed one feet below into the earth.

I started with light blue wash from the top. then I added some pale green from off of the chart. Waiting for few minutes to dry the watercolor chart paper. After I added violet color strokes to the sky. I am really good in adding dark colors. Then few strokes to draw the mountains.

Again waiting for few minutes to dry. started adding mid-tones of green color for the rice paddy grass. Also adding dark green color for depth at the same time.

Now I started to draw the tree. As shown in the painting this tree really looks so simple. At the same time there is so many branches and leafs. Since it is watercolor, one single brush stroke goes wrong, that’s it. I was very careful with my work of art right now. I did not notice that, there are several peoples standing behind me. When I just saw them, I saw happiness in there faces. It feels good to me. With that kind of feeling I completed this painting.

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