Watercolor painting large pond landscaping art stock photos


Watercolor painting large pond landscaping art stock photos


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Watercolor painting large pond landscaping art stock photos.

This watercolor painting was created on the spot while I was traveling in India.

I traveled and explored many remote places in India with my bike. This is one of the best place where I stay and enjoy the nature.

There is plenty of fish in that pond. So I setup a fish trap with in an hour of arriving. After setting up the fish trap, I just laid down and relaxing because my lower back is hurting too much.

This pond landscape is a fantastic place to view and stay for a couple of days. Best vacation trip for the travelers. I stayed in this place particular spot for a single day.

Fresh air, the water is also so fresh in the pond basin, the sun is not that bright. Totally a perfect day for stay and start the watercolor painting work.

Watercolor painting set up

Before starting this watercolor painting, I need to setup my camp and also cook something because I am very hungry.

My bike look so dirty and filled with mud and dust.

Anyway I detach my luggage from the bike and set up the camp near the pond.

It is wonderful experience, when you travel and find some good place to stay and relax.

After relaxing an hour, I went to fish trap where I setup before. You don’t believe there is a big fish in my trap.

I started a camp fire and cooked the fish. The food is so delicious. I did not waste even a small piece of the fish.

Again relaxing an hour. Walking around the pond and exploring various places near the pond.

And you know something? I am not alone there, many animals are there. I saw so many snakes, mosquitoes, rabbits, wild dogs, wild cats, buffaloes, cows, crows and so many birds.

Watercolor painting process

After playing with the nature, I went back to the camp and setup my watercolor paper to the stand and started with sketch.

Watercolor painting paper

I always use 300 gsm watercolor paper. I don’t remember what brand paper it is, since I use many brands and I always do experiment with different kind of art materials.

Watercolor painting brushes set

I always carry four different sizes of rough flat brushes. Two round long point brushes. And some small point brushes.

Watercolor painting colors

For this Watercolor painting I used Camel colors.

Watercolor painting large pond landscaping : composition

I started compositing into two sections. One upper section for the sky and One lower section for the trees , water and land. I sketch from middle of the paper and I leaved top area for the sky.

I draw the sketch of the trees, water in the pond area and reflection in the water and the land area.

Finally the sketch is completed and I am happy with that. Now it is time to take all my watercolor brushes. I always carry a handful of different kind of watercolor brushes.

Watercolor painting large pond landscaping : color mixing process

I mix yellow ochre and burnt sienna for the land area. French ultramarine for the sky area. Sap green for the trees. These are the main colors which played too much role in this painting. That means I also used different kind of color shades for this watercolor painting.

Wet on Wet watercolor painting

I started with light blue wash to fill the complete paper. After it is dry. Again I add blue wash for the sky. Now I am going to apply wet on wet technique. Meaning, I should not wait for the paper or the applied colors to dry. I should act very quick before it gets dry.

Applying burnt sienna for the trees, where far behind in the scene. Now adding some Vermilion hue wash for the land area.

Color shading tones

Adding some mid tones and dark tones to the painting with rough flat watercolor brush.

Adding reflections with flat brush to the large pond landscaping, I will always enjoy doing this kind of art work.

Now it looks like my watercolor painting, wet on wet come to an end.

Green tea break time

Since the watercolor painting is in the process of drying. I decided to take a green tea. I always carry green tea bags and drinking water with me. So I boiled water and enjoying the tea with nature.

Small walk near the pond

I also notice so many birds arriving in that time. Sun is going down. The pond landscape area is filled with full of birds.

The climate is changing so quickly. I forgot to tell that! I leave the fish trap again after taking the big fish. So I went there and checked once again. But only one small fish I got for dinner.

Watercolor painting large pond landscaping : finishing step

Everything is dried and ready to remove from the stand. I safely removed and stored it in my box.

This is the whole story behind this painting.

Hope you like this painting. Let me know in the reviews, thanks for visiting, have a great day, bye !

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