Watercolor landscape of tribal village riverside stock photos


Watercolor landscape of tribal village riverside stock photos


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Watercolor landscape of tribal village riverside.

This watercolor painting is available in small, medium, large and full size as stock photo. This painting will beautiful on wall. This stock photo can be useful in making of greeting card, calendar, e-card, canvas print, poster, and framed prints.

Tribal village riverside.

This Watercolor landscape painting, work of art is created on the spot. One of best nature scenery. Most beautiful landscape with mountains, trees, river and small huts. It is a remote place. The only way to go is to cross the river as shown in this painting. The smell is good. The soil is so rich in minerals. Everything there is very organic. Fresh fruits, vegetables, honey, fish and meat. People living in this are tribal. Living in this place is very different, you don’t need money at all.

About the tribal village.

This village place is amazing. People in this area are very friendly. I stayed in this place for couple of days. Everyday this tribal people will go for hunting. They will go as group.

As you seen this painting, there are huge big mountains behind the tribal village. So all this village people will go in that way for hunting. They also do fishing in the riverside.

They lifestyle is so simple. Relations between people is so friendly. Everyday there is so much fun and joy in this community.

I personally feel that, if someone stays in that place, they will heel quickly, if they have health issue. Each and every product they use is handmade item, created by them. I spend a day with them in hunting. These people’s have good skills in hunting. When we went into the deep in forest, we found a pig in the trap. They consume lot of honey, some roots and meat. They shared there food with me.

Watercolor landscape of tribal village riverside painting process.

After staying one complete day I started to create this painting. I took one of the small boat myself to cross the river.

Watercolor landscape painting colors used in this scene.

I used prussian blue for the sky and also for the background mountains. Burnt sienna for the big mountains near the village. Sap green for the green area above the mountains. Yellow ochre for the land area. Mix of burnt sienna and prussian blue for the river. Here and there I mix different shades. But these are the main colors.

Watercolor landscape painting step by step.

Now, it is time to setup my easel stand with watercolor paper. I just sprayed a little water to the watercolor paper. Once it is dry. I add a light blue color wash for the sky and also for the big mountains behind the village.

After the first coat dry. I add burnt sienna for the mountains and yellow for the land or mud area. I am very careful with each brush strokes. One wrong action, the whole painting is going to mess. Anyway I completed this painting with a balanced of light tone, medium tones and dark tones. Because when I started this painting the climate is so good. It is like no hard dark shadows or too much of light in that area. I feel completely different mood with that weather. I put all those things into this painting.

This is whole story of this watercolor landscape of tribal village near riverside.

Hope you enjoy this watercolor painting. Thanks for visiting my website. Have a great day. Bye!

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