Landscape watercolor paintings - Big river scenery - Stock photos


Landscape watercolor paintings – Big river scenery – Stock photos


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Landscape watercolor paintings – Big river scenery – Stock photos. Available in small size, medium size, large size and full size (high-resolution image). I enjoyed a lot while creating this painting. Because I was in the spot of that scene. Beautiful climate, fresh air, so much to do with that kind of nature. But I only did this landscape watercolor paintings. This work is created on spot. For me it is a big scene which I am trying to compose in a paper. So I decided and  composed into two sections.

One upper section and another lower section.

The upper section, where you can able to see the amazing blue sky. There is so much harmony in the color of that blue sky. Since it is big scene, it looks like the sky is falling or the clouds seems to coming down, trying to touch the ground. I produce the sky in the watercolor paper.

Now it is time for lower section. I started to paint the river, I mean that blue big river. That river seems huge width in front of me, and very small in the far view. Finally, successfully I created that river. Now it time to add trees in the scene. I started to paint big palm trees. There is so much green around the river. So what I did is creating an abstract form of many plants, as shown in the above image. Behind all those green, there is mud land scene. I try to add in the exact way I look in the scene.

Final touch for the landscape watercolor paintings

Now it is time to add some light color tone, medium color tone and dark color tone to the painting. If I don’t add those tones, it will look like flat volume. So I add some medium tones where it is required. I add those medium tones where objects very near to me. Like that I also add dark tones, to create some depth in this landscape watercolor painting.

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