Lake scene watercolor painting stock photos


Lake scene watercolor painting stock photos


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Watercolor painting of Lake scene stock photos – story behind this art.

This art story is part 2 – you need to check part 1 – click here

Continuing from part -1

After completing the watercolor painting – large pond landscaping, I finished dinner and went to sleep. Early morning I went for a walk and nearly I crossed 5 Kms away from that pond.

I reached to another lake scene. Since it is early morning, it is filled with lot of birds. The soil is different, every where it is green. So I thought why don’t I can stay here for another day. That’s it, I went back to the tent and shifted to this place.

Watercolor painting of lake scene sketching process.

As Usually, I setup my painting art stand with watercolor paper. It is morning time maybe around 9.00 to 10.00 AM. I started with sketch. I am using 2b pencil for the sketch and for dark tone, I use 4b pencil. Finally the sketch is complete and I am happy with that.

Watercolor painting of lake scene coloring process.

I sprayed plenty of water in watercolor paper to make it dry. Adding light blue wash for the sky. It is also wet on wet technique. So I need to be quick. Yellow ochre for the land area. Sap green for the trees or green area. All these colors is used for first wash.

For second wash, I mixed so many shades. But the primary colors for this painting is yellow ochre, sap green, french ultramarine, viridian hue, scarlet lake.

Watercolor painting strokes.

I always enjoy this process. You know? one wrong brush stroke in this watercolor artwork make this painting completely dirty. Each and every stoke behind this painting created with so much attention.

Check the reflection in water, it is really cool. As you can see there is so much reflection from the sky, trees, and many more. All these art strokes, I created it in a simple way. That is the reason, this painting looks so light.

There is so much calm and pleasant in this lake. For me, this lake is observing everything.

Watercolor painting shading tones.

Only dark tones need to be added in this painting. Because with all my previous washes, this painting came to final. So I added little bit dark in the lake, that’s it. For me it looks good and I am happy with that.

Watercolor painting final touch.

Before completing this painting, I need a break. After 10 minutes, I notice that little more brush strokes needed for this art. Especially for the big tree. So make it little darker and the rest is fine. I removed this watercolor painting from the stand and stored in my box.

This is the story behind this lake scene watercolor painting.

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