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How to Draw a Tufted Titmouse

Hi, I’m Ramesh, I created this Tufted Titmouse drawing video tutorial, there is a step by step process guide in this tutorial. Please don’t skip the video and kindly watch it from start to finish. So it will be easy to understand the subject.

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How to Draw a Tufted Titmouse

Please check this images and the text explained in the images down below.

Step 1: Draw an round shape for the head as shown in the image below.

Step 2: Draw oval shape for the body part.

Step 3: Draw a rough straight line for the tail.

Step 4: Draw a line for the leg below the body part.

Step 5: Draw the stick as shown in the image above, so the bird can sit there .

Now you have completed this drawing with this five steps. Lets add some outline for Tufted Titmouse bird.

Draw a round circle for eye, and curve strokes for the head outline.

Draw single stroke outline sketch for the body and the wings.

Now, complete the drawing of wing area and the tail part.

Draw two parallel lines for the legs.

Complete the outline sketch drawing of the bird legs.

Draw a stick sketch outline and create some rough pencil strokes to it.

Draw some curve pencil strokes to create that water effect and erase the dirty lines, that’s it now the drawing is completed. Hope you like this tutorial. Subscribe to my email list, so you will get noticed when new tutorial has been published.

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