How to Draw a Rose – Step by Step Guide for Beginners

How to draw a rose flower with color pencil in an easy way, step by step tutorial for beginners

rose draw, draw a rose

drawing of rose flower tutorial for complete beginners step by step

Are you ready to draw with me?


Hooyah! lets start this drawing from step by step

Before starting let’s understand how the rose flower shape looks like, let me example in brief summary, please take a real rose flower and just observe it closely for couple of minutes, the more you observe, the more you understand the geometry shapes of that particular flower, it does’t matter if you don’t understand, I will try to example in simple steps then it will be more easy for you to understand, if you already got it, that’s great!

Understanding the shape of the rose flower

Observe how tall the rose flower and also observe the width of the rose flower, now look the soft and sensitive petals of the rose flower, see how many petals is sticking to the flower and how many petals trying to fall out of the flower, observe the each petal shapes and sizes, take a close look and understand how the color harmony is created. I mean same color from light to dark like gradient. check the stem of the flower and leaves attached to it. Hope! now you have some idea of the flower you are going to draw.

Step 01 : how to draw a rose, first draw a oval shape as shown in the image below

Take a plane white paper or sketch book or any kind of rough paper, if you don’t have any kind of art paper, it’s OK to draw and practice in rough notes also, I always do that.

 draw a oval shape like this as shown in the above image

wow! that’s great, you can draw better than me!


Step 02 : now draw a rectangle shape as shown in the image below

draw a rectangle shape as shown in the above image

It does’t matter if the shapes goes little bit wrong, don’t worry about that.

Step 03 : now draw a curve line like shown in the below image

draw a curve line as shown in the above image

I am trying to draw rose flower petal as shown in the above image, you can follow this tutorial with me or you can follow my instruction and try to draw with your own flower example.

Step 04 : make to look the line and curves more organic way, feel free to bend those lines like you wish, check the image below for visual reference

feel free to make those lines more organic way

If some line or shapes goes wrong, don’t worry about that, you can adjust those lines latter.

Step 05 : add some circles at the head of the rose flower in a off circle direction

 add off circles or curve at the head of the rose flower

Just draw those off curve lines here and there at the head of the flower, it will always look like flower petals, but don’t over draw. Always keep it low so you can add more line latter when needed.

Step 06 : its time to finish those lines in the head of rose flower

draw like this as shown in the image above

See! I did like this, let me know in the comments, how about your drawings.


Step 07 : time to clean the mess from the rose flower drawing

clean the dirty lines from the rose flower drawing

Always be gently while erasing, because the more you erase the more the paper will get dirty and the total artwork will not look great at the end.

Step 08 : draw rose petals I mean the green grip which is holding below

draw rose petals

Take some freedom to tweak the shape, the more you tweak the more you get fun and enjoy!

Step 09 : complete the rose petals like this as shown in the image below

complete the rose flower petals

See how cool it is!

Step 10 : add the stem of the rose flower

add the rose flower green stem

Always try to relax while drawing because the you relax the more get involved in art

Step 11 : now add the leaf for the rose flower

add the green leaf to the stem

I just added a single leaf, you can add multiple leaves if you want.

Step 12 : let’s start coloring work, I would like to draw a red rose flower, if you wish to change color feel free to try

take a red color pencil and fill as you like

Always start with light shades, don’t repeat the color in the same area again and again, it will become dark if you did that. Try to fill the light red color evenly through out the rose flower. Once completed take a break and look the art you just did and now you will easily notice that where to add mid tones and dark tone in the rose flower.

Step 13 : adding some light green color to the rose flower petals

add green color to the rose petals like this

As discussed in the above sentence, it will also apply to stem and leaf.

Step 14 : adding some depth to the stem of rose flower with orange color

adding orange color for dark shades area

Why I choose orange color, because I am drawing in the outdoor area under sunlight light.

Step 15 : add some yellow highlights to the rose flower

add yellow color strokes to the rose flower

I am adding yellow color for light shades or light tones. It will balance the dark tone and light tones while creating the mid tones.

Step 16 : optional step, if you would like to add some dark red like this

and the final artwork is done

Hope you like this tutorial, I am very curious about how you draw the rose flower, please let me know in the comments, thanks for visiting and reading this tutorial, have a great day!


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