how to draw a banana - step 09

Banana Drawing – How to Draw a Banana

Banana drawing – In this quick tutorial you will learn how to draw a banana

This drawing tutorial is designed for kids & beginners so no previous art skill is required

I’m going to draw the banana sketch in the side view because it will be easy for beginners to understand

Drawing a banana is easy it is all about the curved lines & rough patch designs

You can download the free high-resolution Banana drawing sketch below for practice use.

Please note: use a light HB pencil to draw all the basic banana sketches for this tutorial purpose, I’m using the dark color

Step 1: Let’s start with the banana outline

Draw a curved line

how to draw a banana - step 01

Step 2: Banana stem outline

At the end of the curved line, draw a straight line

how to draw a banana - step 02


Step 3: Complete the banana outline shape

Draw a parallel curve line

how to draw a banana - step 03

Step 4: Complete the banana stem

Draw another straight line and close the end

how to draw a banana - step 04


Step 5: Let’s make this fruit sketch more organic

Draw rough lines at the end it makes the fruit organic

how to draw a banana - step 05

Step 6: Creating the volume in banana

Draw a curved line at the center of the fruit. It will show the volume of the banana fruit

how to draw a banana - step 06


Step 7: Dark shades

Draw dark lines at the end of the fruit

how to draw a banana - step 07

Step 8: Rough patch designs

Draw small and big circles here and there & also some rough shapes

how to draw a banana - step 08


Step 9: Add Minute details to the banana

Draw small dots in random places. It will show the banana fruit more organic way

how to draw a banana - step 09

Your Banana Drawing is Complete!

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