Watercolor Techniques You Have to Try, wet on wet, watercolor painting

How should a landscape watercolor be painted for beginners

Watercolor Techniques You Have to Try

In this watercolor painting video tutorial, I’ll show you a simple and easy way to do wet on wet Watercolor Techniques.

Watercolor Techniques

Step 1: Wet your chat paper with diluted watercolour paint.

Watercolor Techniques

Step 2: Paint the entire chat paper with different kinds of colours and try to compose the subject with the base colour layer.

Watercolor Techniques

Step 3: Paint a rough sketch with your watercolor wet brush.

Watercolor Techniques

Step 4: Add details with thick paint here and there.

Watercolor Techniques

Step 5: Add depths and highlights to the painting.

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How To Paint A Watercolor Landscape For Beginners | Watercolor Landscape Painting | PRB ARTS

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