flamingo drawing outline

Flamingo Drawing – How to Draw a Flamingo

In this quick tutorial you will learn the flamingo drawing in 8 easy steps.

This bird have a bend shaped beak, long neck and long legs.

I’m going to draw this bird in a standing pose, I mean it is standing in the water and the reflection of the bird is reflected in the water.

The light is hitting on the bird from the back side so we will get the reflection on the front side

Please understand the subject before you start to draw, try to visualize the artwork in you mind

So you will get an idea about how to compose the artwork in the paper

It is always a good idea to draw a sketch in the light shade color, I mean you can use the normal HB pencil

Once you compose the flamingo bird sketch in your paper, then use a 4 HB pencil to draw the thick outline strokes where it is necessary

What you will learn from this flamingo drawing tutorial?

You will understand the bird size and shape & how to use your pencil to draw the rough strokes.

What size of paper do you recommended?

Any size of paper is ok, but this artwork is vertical in shape so use a rectangle shape paper.

Draw a Flamingo bird in 8 Easy Steps

Let’s start the bird drawing are you with me?

Time needed: 5 minutes

Materials: A4 size paper, pencil and an eraser

Step 1: Draw the beak

The flamingo is a beautiful bird with big size orange & black color mixed beak

flamingo beak drawing outline

Step 2: Draw the head & eyes

Eye are orange-yellow color and near to the beak & head size is normal like other birds

flamingo head drawing outline

Step 3: Bird neck & body outline

Draw the bird neck it is long in shape and strong

flamingo bird body drawing outline

Step 4: Draw the wings outline

This bird have black color feather only visible when the wings are extended, here it is not visible

flamingo wings drawing outline

Step 5: Draw the legs standing in the water

Legs are extremely thin in size and easy to break it, here the legs are in the underwater

flamingo legs drawing outline

Step 6: Draw rough pencil strokes

When the water is still the reflection will be perfect here it is not, so the reflection shape will look like this

flamingo drawing water reflection outline

Step 7: Rough lines here & there

Draw straight ripples on the sides to create the water ripple effect

flamingo drawing outline sketch

Step 8: Erase or clean

Time to clean up the outline drawing with eraser

flamingo drawing outline

Congratulations! I hope you have drawn this flamingo bird outline drawing successfully in case if you need any help let me know in the Forums

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